The future of forests is in your hands. Use sustainable forest products from responsible sources


FORESCOM is a community enterprise that provides forestry services. We were founded in 2003 by 9 companies that manage forestry concessions in the Zone of Multiple Uses (ZUM) and the Maya Biosphere Reserve (RBM) in Peten, Guatemala. There are currently 11 community forest concessions.

Our objective is to develop activities for the sustainable use and management of the natural forestry resources and to commercialize the main wood and non-wood forest products. 



To offer technical and marketing products and services, under global standards of quality and competitiveness, which guarantees the sustainability of the natural resources managed by the communities of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, Guatemala. 


To be a uniting community enterprise in the forestry industry of the Maya Biosphere Reserve located in Petén, Guatemala, with the capacity to meet the demand for various services associated with the management of sustainable natural resources. 








Our history

01 ACOFOP inaugurates the commercial office 2001 02 Community enterprises are established in the MBR 2003 03 The Community Forest Services Enterprise is born 2003 04 Begin providing services for the preparation of forest development plans 2004 05 Receive FSC forest management and chain of custody certificate 2005 06 Operate industrial plant for secondary processing of timber 2007 07 We begin to marketour products internationally 2007 08 Achieve the first commercial link with the company Leroy & Merlín 2012 09 Expand the portfolio of non-timber products 2019 10 For the first time we manage to enter the French market 2011