Choose sustainably sourced wood from the heart of the Mayan jungle. 





¨FORESCOM is a critical partner to us in organizing the collection and selling the best ramon seeds from communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Their expertise ensures we are ready to act when the time is right which creates the win-win-win partnership for all parties involved and that’s the best we could ask for!¨

Testimonial Item

Galen MacDougall

“I have worked with FORESCOM for over 11 years. Their professionalism and
integrity have made them a highly valued and trusted partner! We look forward to
continuing and expanding our business together.”

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Perry Alibrio

Shared Value


With the help of the Community Forestry Enterprises (EFC), we can invest in the education of children and young adults through scholarships, better access to healthcare and housing for local communities. 


The income from forestry is one of the most important for the communities; it represents 38% of the local family income. This income is crucial in helping the communities rise out of extreme poverty and reduce immigration.


The communities have managed to reduce deforestation to 0.4% and lower the recurrence of forest fires to 2%, ensuring sustainable forest management, conservation, and protection of more than 500 thousand hectares of forest.  


FORESCOM is a community enterprise that provides forestry services and products. It was established in 2003 by nine community enterprises that manage forestry concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve (RBM) in Peten, Guatemala. There are currently 11 community forest concessions working with us.